Police respond to community criticism

THE PSNI have appealed to residents in Shankill to report incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Neighbourhood Inspector Ken Annett said he is aware of concerns in the Shankill area and has been working with residents to tackle the issues.

He said: “We are making real efforts to work with the community in the Shankill area and I would encourage anyone with concerns to contact us so that we can work together to find solutions.

“The vast majority of youths in Shankill are ordinary young people who are simply going about their business.

“However, there are a number of youths who are involved in antisocial behaviour which can be intimidating and damaging for the rest of the community.”

He continued: “Neighbourhood officers have increased their patrols and are engaging with youths in the area in an effort to address the problem and not simply the symptoms.

“We are listening to the residents and responding to their complaints, however, we need evidence so that we can charge people with offences and bring them before the courts.

“We need community assistance to enable us to do this and would encourage residents to contact us when incidents occur so that we respond as effectively and appropriately as possible.”