Police seize pit bike

Pit bike like the one taken off road by the PSNI
Pit bike like the one taken off road by the PSNI

Police have seized a pit bike in the Craigavon area for having no insurance and other offences.

Brownlow and Portadown Neighbour Policing Teams working with response officers seized the bike which was being ridden on the back paths in the Kernan area,

A police spokesperson said due to the good weather the paths were very busy and there were young toddlers about.

“This is very dangerous and be assured if you are riding on these paths you will lose your bike and face prosecution,” said a PSNI spokesperson.

“Vehicles seized for no insurance are normally returned to the owners once they have proven they now have insurance etc to be able to drive it, and they have paid a recovery fee.

“In the case of a pit bike it should not be on a road or public place in the first place.

“In cases such as this when the vehicle has been used to cause a nuisance, we can request that it is disposed of, this may result in it being crushed,” said a PSNI.