Police seize taser disguised as an iPhone

iPhone taser
iPhone taser

Police in Craigavon have said a taser disguised as an iPhone has been seized by the PSNI.

The device was taken from a woman who was then arrested.

After interview she was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and held overnight before being taken to court.

She pleaded guilty and was given a conditional discharge by the Magistrate.

Craigavon PSNI described the device as having two metal pins on the end which ‘would give you a nasty shock and are more than capable of incapacitating you temporarily’.

On a Facebook post the PSNI locally said the device was removed thanks to a quick-thinking member of the public.

“These things are common across the world, and in some places can be bought on the street! DO NOT be tempted to buy one to bring home, or pick one up at a market.

“They are illegal. You will go to court, and if you use it on someone, you will almost certainly go to jail.

“Aside from that, they are cheaply made and highly unstable. Remember the story around Christmas of the exploding and combusting hover boards? Lads especially, who would want that going ‘bang’, or busting into flames in your pocket?! Not me! Ouch,” said the PSNI Craigavon on Facebook.

“If you see anything similar to this, whether it be at a market or in someone’s possession, let us know immediately.

“This highlights the sort of thing we can face on a daily basis. Criminals will go to great lengths to conceal all manner of things; drugs, stolen items, or weapons. Part of our job, unfortunately, is to be professionally curious.

“Some people don’t like that, but this is a prime example of the dangers we face day in, day out, and why we take the precautions we do in order to keep you safe, but also keep ourselves and our colleagues safe.

“Constables Heaney and English from Armagh were our daring duo in this case, although I have been reliably informed that the daring quickly drained when they found out that the taser worked! I can assure you though, that very few probationers were hurt in the rigorous testing and retesting of this device. It will now be disposed of safely.”