Police target speeders at primary school

The speed indicator trailer.
The speed indicator trailer.

The PSNI were at Derryhale Primary School this morning (Thursday) with the speed indicator trailer to remind motorists of the 40mph speed limit.

Their visit coincided with a meeting at the school about concerns over road safety, organised by the Board of Governors.

Police said they had been contacted by a number of parents, local residents and the school about the speed of cars in the area.

Colleagues from Road Policing also joined local officers and spoke to motorists travelling in the area about the importance of adhering to the speed limit. Said a PSNI spokesperson, “We are happy to say that the vast majority of motorists were very well behaved and well within the 40mph limit.

“We then got the chance to attend the school’s road safety assembly with our partners in the Policing and Community Safety Partnership and talk to the kids about how they can stay safe on our roads.

“Our message to all drivers is simple – Kill your speed, not a child.”

The children were given high visibility armbands to help drivers see them when out walking.