Police warning following two separate fraud attempts

Police are reminding the public to be vigilant of falling prey to scams. The reminder comes following two incidents in the local area.

In the first incident a business at Carn Industrial Estate was contacted by a male claiming to be from their head office. The caller asked to be forwarded on to a mobile number. The staff member became suspicious, questioned the caller and refused to forward the call on. He then became abusive and the call was terminated. If the number had been transferred it would have gone to a premium rate phone number which the company would have been billed for.

In another incident a local resident received a link message on Facebook saying ‘Giving away BMW3’. The resident was asked for her bank account details, which she did not share.

Sergeant Mark Neal, Craigavon Response, said: “Our basic advice is that if something doesn’t feel or sound right, take the time to make checks and satisfy yourself that the caller is legitimate. “If you are unsure or have any concerns, you can contact us on the 101 non-emergency number.”