Police warning on road safety

LURGAN Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding motorists and pedestrians to take extra care on the roads as the evenings get longer.

Constable Crossey explained: “With the stretch in the evenings more pedestrians are taking the opportunity to spend some time in the fresh air and go for walks or runs. I would remind all road users to be mindful of their own safety and that of others.

“Pedestrians and cyclists, particularly in rural areas or where there are no footpaths, should ensure that they are easily visible. Pedestrians should always walk facing the oncoming traffic and should be alert to everything going on around you.

“If it is dark, cyclists should use front and rear lights and have a red rear reflector as well. They should be in good working order, and be kept clean at all times. Reflective material will also help you to be seen by other road users.

“Remember too that a proper fitting safety helmet is also an essential piece of equipment that riders should wear every time they set off.

“You should also make sure that your bike is in good working order and regularly test brakes.

“Motorists also need to take responsibility and reduce their speed on the roads.

“If we all follow these simple, safety steps we will help to reduce injuries and deaths on our roads.”