Politicians in moves to get Fulton’s car park cleaned

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A vacant car park became a bit of a political football this week, with the DUP and PUP both in a race to get it cleaned-up.

Local DUP Super Councillor Carla Lockhart had initially posted on her Facebook page that she had received complaints about the Fulton’s car park and would get it cleaned up.

Meanwhile, the local PUP branch also received complaints and took matters into their own hands with several members making a bee-line for the Fultons premises to clean up the parking area.

Spokesman Aaron Dowey said: “Branch members lifted the broken glass from Fultons Car Park in Queen Street. We lifted four bags of broken glass. Can we ask that people report antisocial behaviour in this area.

“We have also received litter pickers from the council and there will be a community clear up done with the remaining rubbish. The council have stated they are unable to enter the property to do so due to the building being privately owned!”

DUP Cllr Lockhart said, “I welcome the significant clean up of the car park and adjoining path. I was in the process of organising a clean up, having been contacted on social media, when the community reps from the PUP went and swept the area.

“I would commend them for taking this action. However, this is a bigger and wider problem in that the car park is privately owned and therefore it is impossible to get any public authority to clean the area on a regular basis. It is my intention to work with the owner to address this problem.”