Alliance hit out over election

THE Upper Bann Alliance Party Association has backed the stance taken by Cllr Conrad Dixon at Craigavon Council’s AGM over the election of the Mayor.

Chairman Harry Hamilton said: “It would seem that not only is Craigavon 30 miles from Stormont but some of its Councillors are also 30 years behind in attitude.

“All parties involved in this debacle support power sharing and the D’Hondt system in Stormont, so why have they have chosen to adopt such a partisan stance at Criagavon and who is to benefit from taking such a contradictory position?

“The Alliance party believes that local politics is the effective management of our civic affairs not some game of musical chairs for a single party.

“Now when the people of Craigavon need an effective Council, working together to help the borough survive a double dip recession, do Criagavon unionist councillors offer the same old politics of division and blatant electioneering?

“This is blinkered self obsessive politics which has nothing to do with public service.

“We simply ask the question either they believe in power sharing or they don’t? But unfortunately for an answer we need only to Judge them by what they do, not what they say.”