Breaking news - Borough solicitor called in to give opinion on Mayoral vote

THE borough solicitor has been called in to give his opinion on a wrangle at tonight's Craigavon Council AGM.

Councillors are currently awaiting his arrival as the annual meeting wears on into the night.

Earlier Sinn Fein's Mairead O'Dowd topped the poll with 11 votes for her to take up the Mayor's post.

At issue at present is a unionist attempt to have the three votes Alderman Arnold Hatch (UUP) received for election as Mayor to the DUP's Carla Lockhart, who received 10 votes. Should they succeed it will mean the DUP Councillor takes the top spot.

We will keep you posted as this breaking story develops.

Please note a correction to our earlier story when we erroniously stated Alderman Hatch had received four votes.