District voices concern over growing anger in unionism

A local Orange Lodge has expressed its concerns over ‘a growing resentment and anger in the broad Unionist community’ over the NI Protocol and recent criminal justice decisions.

Friday, 9th April 2021, 2:47 pm

The lodge, while not referring directly to recent civil disorder within loyalist areas, also called on young people to use their energies in a constructive manner.

Markethill District LOL No 10 said on its Facebook page it “views, with increasing concern, the growing resentment and anger within the broad Unionist community caused by both the imposition of the NI Protocol and recent criminal justice decisions surrounding the Storey funeral”.

The statement added: “The failure of the Public Prosecution Services to lay charges arising out of the mass breaches of the Covid-19 regulations in place at the time and the subsequent disclosure of PSNI involvement in the pre-planning of what was little more than a republican propaganda exercise, has created the clear impression that, to all intents and purposes, republicans are effectively untouchable when it comes to such events.

“No one in the Unionist community believes that such ‘generosity of spirit’ would be extended to it or any individual or organisation within it.

“What is even more concerning is the complete disregard with which those both within the NIO and the Westminister political establishment continue to treat the legitimate concerns of our people around these issues.

“That arrogance and disdain has clearly exacerbated an overall political situation which continues to deteriorate rapidly.

“However, Markethill District recognize that there are no quick or easy solutions to the difficulties facing the Unionist community and which have been many years in the making.

“It is incumbent upon those who claim to represent us to devise, and put in place, a cohesive and comprehensive political, social and educational strategy which will take unionism forward over the next generation and more.

“It is their duty to do so.

“Markethill District also appeals to our young people to employ their energies and talents in a constructive and positive manner both to strengthen our community and build for the future. In that respect the Orange Institution, and Markethill District as one of its constituent parts, stand ready to provide them with the vehicle to do so.

“That is why we have existed since 1795.”