DUP can make a difference in parliament - Simpson

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David Simpson has officially lodged his nomination papers for the Westminster Election in Upper Bann with a strong detremination on retaining his seat.

Speaking in Banbridge after delivering his papers Mr Simpson said: 
“Once again I find it an honour and privilege to be officially nominated as the DUP candidate for Upper Bann in the forthcoming General Election.”

He was quick to point to the possibility of a ‘hung parliament’ with no overall majority for any one party, which could lead to another coalition government, in which the 
DUP could be a key 

Mr Simpson said: “All the pollsters and commentators are agreed that following the General Election we will be under the control of a hung Parliament.

“The prediction is clear that neither Cameron nor Milliband will command a majority in Parliament,” said Mr Simpson.

“This is a huge opportunity for Northern Ireland’s voice to be heard in Parliament,” said the DUP election 

He went on to say: “Electing an MP who will not take their seat means that opportunity is wasted.

“Electing an MP who is tied to only ever supporting one of the main parties at 
Westminster is a wasted opportunity,” he said.

“Electing an MP from a party too small to make a difference is a wasted 

“However, a strong team of DUP MPs will be able to wield their influence to get the best deal for Northern Ireland and particularly Upper Bann,” he said.

“The decisions made by Parliament are vital to the lives of everyone. Parliament decides upon our pensions, our budget, our borders and on our relationship with Europe.

“We have the opportunity to shape the future of not only the people of Upper Bann, but our entire Province like never before. We can’t waste this opportunity.

“It stands to reason that a larger group of MPs will have a stronger hand with the big parties.

“The larger the team the greater the influence.

“However, to vote for a party that doesn’t turn up in the Parliament is the equivalent to squandering this opportunity to get a better deal for people of Upper Bann and Northern Ireland,” Mr Simpson