DUP slams Seeley but distances itself from ‘taig’ remarks

David Simpson
David Simpson

The DUP has stated they do not condone the use of the language ‘taigs’ and ‘tramps’ used on Facebook by party supporter Roberta McNally.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has welcomed the apology made by Mrs McNally and has said that he appreciates the continued support of Roberta and her family throughout the forthcoming weeks and long after the election and has not distanced himself from her as a person as the ‘Mail’ had previously indicated.

He said they will continue to support her during what has been a difficult time for her and her family, however, he rounded on Sinn Fein Westminster candidate Catherine Seeley who Mrs McNally described as a ‘tramp’.

He called on Cllr Seeley to demand apologies from the leadership of her party ‘if she is to be consistent in her opposition to sectarianism’.

He said: ‘I am delighted to attract support from right across the community in Upper Bann. It is not just the unionist community who recognise that electing an abstentionist Sinn Fein MP would give this constituency no voice in Parliament.

“Sinn Fein has latched on to a comment made on social media by someone who is not a DUP member.

“I have made it quite clear that I did not support the language used. I am glad that it was removed. However, the hypocrisy from Sinn Fein in relation to such language is beyond belief.

“Where exactly does Catherine Seeley stand on her Party Leader’s comments which referred to unionists as ba****ds? Did she call for an apology for those remarks, or indeed for the assertion that Sinn Fein’s view of equality legislation was to use it to “break” unionists?”