DUP tops poll in Cusher ward in ABC Council election

Cllr Gareth Wilson
Cllr Gareth Wilson

The DUP has topped the poll in the Cusher Ward of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council election.

Cllr Gareth Wilson has been re-elected with 2,248 votes.

Also elected was Independent candidate Cllr Paul Berry with 2009 votes.

With an eligible electorate of 18,496, there was a high turnout of 62.55% with 11,569 total votes polled.

The First Preference votes as follows:

Paul Berry (Independent) 2009

Paul Bowbanks (Independent) 241

Quincey Dougan (DUP) 1215

Brona Haughey (Sinn Fein) 1519

Gareth Hay (Alliance Party) 462

Gordan Kennedy (UUP) 1229

Seamus Livingstone (SDLP) 901

Jim Speers (UUP) 1633

Gareth Wilson (DUP) 2248