DUP want £30k for project

Carla Lockhart
Carla Lockhart

Brownlow House in Lurgan may be in line for an extra £30,000 in funding, according to the DUP if the voting goes to plan at Craigavon Council’s meeting on Monday.

Local MP David Simpson and Cllr Carla Lockhart say they are working on securing the funding for the American Tourism initiative.

If they swing it, it could bring the overall spend for Brownlow House to £130,000.

Cllr Lockhart said: “The final decision on the £30k will take place on Monday at Craigavon Borough Council and I will be delighted to propose the spend.

“I am not someone who pre-empts decision making but I believe firmly that this spend will be permitted and that we will be looking at a total spend on Brownlow House equating to £130k.”

Mr Simpson said: “An additional £30k will see the tourism initiative finished off to a world class standard and one that will act as a magnet towards drawing down additional funding in future for the restoration of the family wing within the main body of the House.

“This is a win for the people of Lurgan.”