Lexi to stand for PUP in next election

Lexi Davidson
Lexi Davidson

PUP politician Lexi Davidson has issued a sideswipe at other unionists after being put forward as a candidate in the forthcoming local council elections.

Speakng at the weekend Lexi said: “Too many times we’ve been betrayed by those who claim to represent us. Too many times we’ve been fed false promises. Too many times we’ve been guaranteed change. The only change we see today are sacrifices from our community. Nearly everyday you wake to hear and learn of another ‘deal’ that will ultimately disadvantage the Unionist and Loyalist people.

“Do the politicians elected today feel the hurt within our community? Do they even know what it’s like to experience sitting in their own homes, with their family, with no finically support to pay for oil and/or gas? Most certainly not.

“I’m honoured to ‘spearhead’ this campaign to restore belief in our community that they can trust me and most importantly the PUP in the future. It’s important the mistakes of the past are never repeated and our people aren’t called to the streets and left to stand alone. As we (the PUP) stood beside them then, we will now and we will in the future. We’re a working class party with real issues, real concerns and real ambitions. Together, we will move forward!”

The PUP said: “For over 10 years Lexi has voluntarily strived to seek the best for the local community. We believe that’s what being a councillor is about. Lexi who lives locally within the area knows the goings on and witnesses the many trials that face people first hand. A proud loyalist Lexi has been involved in the local band scene for over 20 years.”