Petition for speed ramps

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A petition has been started to have speed ramps on Lurgan’s Avenue Road after a child was knocked down last week.

Lurgan PUP said members were out on the road with petition letters after the young child was knocked down.

The petition letter was drawn up by branch spokesman Aaron Dowey after he had received a call from the 
child’s parent.

Aaron said, “Last week I received a phone call from the child’s parent who was clearly shaken by the ordeal. Thankfully the accident did not cause more serious injury to the victim.”

He went on to say, “We have been contacted by other residents who have expressed their desire to see speed ramps in the area. We hope these letters of concern will help speed the process up.

“The need for speed ramps is visibly clear. I will continue to pursue this before a serious injury or death is caused due to speeding and wreckless driving in our community. I have contacted the PSNI also to raise the issue of speeding in the area.”