Respect call

CRAIGAVON councillors were given a reminder at Monday night’s council meeting that they should address members by their correct titles.

During the debate on flags it was raised by Alderman Sydney Anderson that Sinn Fein were deliberately referring to DUP Alderman as councillors, and had been doing so for some time.

He said it was just a small matter, but it demonstrated the party’s lack of respect for their counterparts on council.

As the meeting drew to a close the Mayor Carla Lockhart reminded all councillors that they should be referring to members of council by their correct titles whether it be councillor, Alderman, Mr Mayor or Madame Mayor.

She said she was “fed up” with the “childish” behaviour of deliberately getting other members titles wrong.

The Mayor added: “There is an element of respect in this chamber and I will be referring this to the party leaders group.”