Start of work on footbridges is welcomed

COUNCILLOR Mark O Dowd has welcomed the start of work by Road Service to prevent the gathering of excess water on several of the pedestrian footbridges in the Central area of Craigavon.

Cllr O Dowd said: “A number of local people who use these bridges to access the shopping centre, lakes and other public amenities had got in touch with me to make me aware of the problem and the difficulties it was causing for both walkers and cyclists. After a shower of rain several inches of water can gather in dips across the surface of the bridges and can remain there for up to twenty four hours or more making it difficult to get across.”

The councillor said: “Road Service has kept to the commitment they gave and are currently carrying out work on several of the bridges in an effort to alleviate the problem.

“It is important that this flooding problem is solved as these bridges are an essential part of the extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths that link the local communities with each other and with the commercial and social amenities within Central.”