TUV men slam election of Sinn Fein Deputy Mayor of Craigavon

TUV representatives Paul Coleman and Roy Ferguson have criticised the election of Sinn Fein’s Catherine Seeley as Mayor of Craigavon.

Wednesday, 25th June 2014, 1:02 pm

“The facts are clear; Ms Seeley could not have been elected deputy Mayor of Craigavon without unionist assistance and those unionists who acquiesced in her elevation to this post should be utterly ashamed of themselves,” they said.

The TUV men also slammed the DUP.

“We also note that the DUP have reacted angrily (and rightly so) to this development. However, is their anger a result of a moral objection they have to elevating Sinn Fein to positions of authority or simply due to Sinn Fein getting a position they wanted for themselves? It seems hypocritical to complain about a Sinn Fein Deputy Mayor yet sustain McGuinness, O’Dowd and co in places of authority in Stormont. TUV are consistent. We are opposed to Sinn Fein wielding authority over us in Craigavon or Stormont.

“The DUP cannot wash their hands of this matter and Carla Lockhart, as DUP group leader, must bear some responsibility.”