Pollock Park Mews is the ‘forgotten land’ - Lockhart

Carla Lockart at Pollock Park Mews.
Carla Lockart at Pollock Park Mews.

Residents at Pollock Park Mews have voiced frustrations as the development lies incomplete and ‘forgotten’.

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart has vowed to try and help the residents get their development completed.

This area is like a forgotten land

Cllr Carla Lockhart

This comes following strong representation from a number of people in the area.

Cllr Lockhart said, “This area is like a forgotten land and is unfortunately like many development sites across the area where the economic downturn has caused problems with ownership and completion.

“I have, however, embarked on a long term goal to have this area tidied up and completed with the adoption of sewers, completion of road surface, lighting and also the maintenance of the green areas.

“Just last week I have been able to engage with Road Service concerning a road bond that can be used to try and complete the area if required.

“This, I would stress, is a long term project and one that will take time and effort with all the relevant statutory authorities.

“Unfortunately we see all too often developers walk away from sites leaving them incomplete and in a terrible mess.”

She concluded: “It is my vision to see Pollock Mews completed. I have for the past year been working with environmental health on other issues connected to the site and want to assure the residents that I remain determined to see this area transformed.”