Pothole warning


CRAIGAVON Deputy Mayor Kieran Corr has warned people to be wary of the state of roads in the wake of extreme weather conditions.

The freezing weather has led to an increase in the number of potholes on the town’s roads.

Cllr Corr urged motorists to show extra care while driving.

He said: “Cracks and fissures are appearing across the local road network and I would encourage drivers to be extremely careful at this time.

“Some of the potholes can lead to serious damaged to cars and could cause an accident.”

Cllr Corr said he will be contacting the Minister for Regional Development Conor Murphy about the issue.

“Given the volume of traffic on our roads I would encourage DRD for a quick response to this problem,” he said.

“I will be writing to the minister, as well as the local office of Roads Service, with regards to the potholes and make sure that they will be repaired in a timescale in line with the Road Maintenance Standards.”

Cllr Corr also praised DRD workers who gritted the roads during the freezing weather.

He said: “As a family man I would like to praise those who worked throughout the Christmas break around the clock gritting and maintaining the major roads.

“Clearly this has been a demanding time and I’m sure the lull in the extreme weather just after Christmas has been a welcome relief for them.

“However, the overall policy of not gritting side streets and housing estates must be looked at.

“I have been contacted by residents from Pinebank, Meadowbrook, Hillcrest, Drumbeg, Clonmeen and Belvedere in Lurgan complaining of the terrible state of the roads in the estates.

“They should have been gritted, and I’m sure many more residential areas in Craigavon faced the same problem. I am certainly not having a go at the workers at the DRD. I am criticising the department’s policy.”

Cllr Corr concluded: “People in Craigavon pay their taxes and rates, and they should be offered a better service than what they receive at present. I will do my best as a councillor to help change the current policy.”