Potholes a concern on busy rural thoroughfares

Gerard O'Neill pictured at one of the large flooded potholes on the Tullydagan Road. INLM13-211.
Gerard O'Neill pictured at one of the large flooded potholes on the Tullydagan Road. INLM13-211.

Two rural roads in Magheralin are to receive upgrades, Roads Service have confirmed.

The ‘MAIL’ was contacted last week by Gerard O’Neill who was being driven potty by potholes on the Tullydagan Road.

Since speaking to Gerard, Roads Service confirmed to the paper that the road would be on the department’s list for resurfacing for the 2014/15 calendar year.

There was another boost for road users in Magheralin with news that resurfacing has begun on the Steps Road.

On the state of the Tullydagan Road Gerard said: “This is a country road with quite a lot of traffic on it.

“Over the past while the road has got into a bad condition with moss growing up middle of road, sides of the road caving in, and potholes getting bigger. Once they are fixed within a few days they are as bad as ever again.

“I have made contact several times with Road Service to ask if they are planning to resurface the road. Their response is they have no money to resurface this class of road.

“I raised this issue with local council members to which they are quite concerned.

“It’s a very well used stretch of road. A lot of people use it as a shortcut between Magheralin and Moira.

“Because I’m aware of the potholes I’m okay and haven’t done any damage to my car, but I’d be surprised if someone coming down the road in the dark didn’t do damage to their car.”

On the Steps Road DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart has been campaigning to have the road resurfaced and is delighted that the work has started.

She said: “Unfortunately the roads infrastructure in Mageralin, particularly rural roads, are in need of investment with large pot holes causing problems for motorists, pedestrians and residents.

“Steps Road is one that I have been lobbying to have resurfaced for some time because of the HGV usage and the fact that the local schools main exit is onto the Steps Road.

“Residents rightly so are fed up driving on a road that is cut up and littered with potholes. I am delighted that half of the road will be resurfaced this week with Roads Service giving a commitment to enclose the works for the other half in future works budget owing to the fact that the maintenance period for pipe laying is two years.

“This road has been a problem for years and I am delighted that there will be investment to resurface it. I am also working hard for people on the Orange Lane who are also experiencing an increased usage by HGV vehicles which is creating problems with verges subsiding. Rural Roads need investment and I am delighted that Road Service are working with us.”