Praise for boy after shotgun cartridges find

The shotgun cartridges found by the young boy. INPT06
The shotgun cartridges found by the young boy. INPT06

There has been praise for the actions of a young boy who found shotgun cartridges in an unstable, derelict house in Portadown yesterday (Tuesday).

According to police, the boy immediately realised the danger, made sure younger children didn’t touch the cartridges, phoned his mum and hid them where “younger curious hands wouldn’t touch them”.

Writing on social media, an officer said, “In the unstable and worn way these were found, that young lad may well have saved some kids from losing a hand, or worse.”

They also revealed that part of the building was collapsed, adding to the dangers of the situation.

He added, “The young lad who found them (the cartridges) was an absolute star. Yes, he shouldn’t have been where he was but he immediately realised the danger...

“If you can bring your child up to know that even when they’ve done something a bit wrong (going into a derelict house) that they can still phone you when danger appears - you’ve done a fine job. Well done parents, and well done our junior detective.”

Police also appealed to parents to make their children aware of the dangers of such places.