Prayer for Christian unity

The Community Outreach Group (COG) marked the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on Wednesday evening last when Dr Mary Gethins welcomed a capacity audience to this special service in the Jethro Centre.

The event was led by Rev Elizabeth Harron, assisted by Canon John Moore and members of the COG committee.

The choir of St Paul’s Church accompanied by Musical Director Brian Greene led the singing and clergy representing local churches joined together in pronouncing the Blessing.

An appetizing buffet supper prepared by the manager and staff of the Jethro Centre’s Cafe Rhema was served, rounding off an evening of prayer and fellowship.

The committee’s thanks go to all those who contributed so much to make the evening both meaningful and enjoyable and to members of the public for their support and encouragement.

They also thanked the Good Relations department of Craigavon Borough Council for providing, in its entirety, the funding which enabled this event to take place.

On Wednesday, February 12, at 8 pm St Peter’s Parish Hall hosts a screening of - ‘A Step too Far?’ - a documentary examining how members of an Amish community react when their young daughters are brutally murdered.

Dealing with the concept of forgiveness, this remarkable film, directed by Paul Moorehead, is worthy of thoughtful consideration.