Prince chats about caravan holiday

Orchard County Primary School meet Prince Charles at the Moy
Orchard County Primary School meet Prince Charles at the Moy

Pupils at Orchard County Primary School were thrilled to have met the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall had been on a tour of Northern Ireland and had popped in to the Moy on Wednesday for a visit to St James’ Church of Ireland Church.

Orchard County Primary School principal Stephen Blevins told the Times he had been tipped off about the royal visitors and organised around 50 pupils from P5, P6 and P7 plus four staff to travel to the Moy.

The Annaghmore school principal said they all got on the bus and he told the children they were going on a local study excursion.

Mr Blevins said the children were standing close to the security line and the PSNI and security ushered the children close to the front of the church before the royal pair arrived.

Prince Charles asked one little girl Ellen Parks if she was going on holidays. “He said, ‘are you going to the seaside’ and she told him she was going to her caravan. He laughed and said he loved caravans,” said Mr Blevins.

He revealed that the children had been practising saying good afternoon just in case they were speaking to the couple.

Prince Charles and the Duchess arrived at 12noon and immediately came over to the school pupils. He said, good afternoon, and the pupils promptly responded.

The prince complimented the children on their impeccable manners.

He asked about the apple on the school badge.

Mr Blevins said the Duchess of Cornwall asked the children how far they had come and was very complimentary about their behaviour and manners.

“I was very proud of the kids and they way they conducted themselves,” said Mr Blevins.

“There was no better way for our primary sevens to finish school ,” he added.

Mr Blevins said the royal couple were very laid back and chatted comfortably with the children which put them at ease.

Primary seven pupil Ellen Ogilby felt like the luckiest girl in the world as she was able to shake hands with both Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. She has vowed not to wash her hands for the rest of the week!