Principal devastated as suspicious object is found

Dr Peter Cunningham, principal of Ceara School.
Dr Peter Cunningham, principal of Ceara School.

The principal of Ceara School said he is “devastated” after a suspicious object was found at the school.

Dr Peter Cunningham spoke to the Mail on Friday morning as Army Technical Officers (ATO) were tasked to the scene.

It is believed a warning was given to police in the early hours of Friday morning that a bomb had been left at Ceara School in Sloan Street.

Mr Cunningham was informed and parents were notified that the school would be closed via a text messaging service.

The incident follows vandalism at the school during the summer.

Dr Cunningham said, “We are devastated. The pupils’ routine will be upset by what has happened.”

Carrick Primary School has also been closed and Sloan Street is closed to traffic in both directions.