Principal orders flag to be removed

LURGAN College’s victory in the semi-final of the School’s Cup was marred by a disagreement over a flag.

During the hockey match at Lisnagarvey last Wednesday between the College and Methody, a Union flag with Lurgan College written on it, being flown by a group of supporters, was ordered to be taken down by principal Trevor Robinson.

One disgruntled pupil contacted the paper via email and asked for his identity to be protected.

In his letter he said the flag allowed students to express their cultural identity through the supporting of Lurgan College sports.

The student said: “Some pupils decided to take a stand against the principal and reappointed the flag despite the principal’s views.

“It was reappointed by those who are proud of their cultural beliefs and wanted to show the support to the girls in the match.”

The flag was removed from the barrier for a second time in the game which Lurgan College won 2-0.

The student commented: “I myself as a student and local Orangeman feel threatened by this and feel that action has to be taken.”

He called on the Board Of Governors to publicly state the reasons why Mr Robinson “has a problem with the flag of the country.”

He added: “Also as a student, I feel Mr Robinson targeted us (the pupils) in assembly on Friday where he shared his views and said that he was disappointed by the event and called the Union flag of the country an ‘emblem’ which is disgraceful.”

A spokesperson for Lurgan College stated: “The school cannot comment on a letter which it has not seen.

“Lurgan College will, of course, continue to comply fully with the Code of Conduct as set out by the Ulster Hockey Union.”