Principal toasts A-Level results

Mr Simon Harper, principal of Portadown College chats with Shannon Freeburn, Kyle Foster and Ben McDowell. INPT33-126gc
Mr Simon Harper, principal of Portadown College chats with Shannon Freeburn, Kyle Foster and Ben McDowell. INPT33-126gc

The principal of Portadown College has expressed his delight at his school’s A-Level results, released yesterday (Thursday).

Simon Harper commented, “It is with great pleasure that I can report further successes for Portadown College at both A2 and AS level.

“I am delighted that at A2 our students reached an overall pass rate of 99.4% with 89% at A* to C. These results reflect the commitment, ability and determination of our students who are a credit to the college, themselves and their families.

“It is also worth noting the many skills and qualities which our young people possess and have developed over their years with us. I am of the firm belief that they are exceptionally capable and well placed to make a very positive contribution to our society.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the sterling support provided by parents and guardians for both their children and the College. Of course such success is also heavily reliant on the professional dedication, care and ability of our teaching staff. The combined efforts of students, staff and parents have once again paid rich 

Among the top achievers were Christopher Davies (four A* grades), Susan Baird (three A* grades and one A grade), Stuart Nesbitt (two A* grades and two A grades) and Sarah Neale (two A* grades and two A grades).

The following students achieved 3 or more A or A* grades: Emma Dougan, Ben McDowell, Judith Connolly, Ryan Calvert, Susan King, Rebekah Boyd, Sasha Wilson, Emma Willis, Gary O’Reilly, Naomi Sharpe, Sarah Mulholland, Emily McNally, Christian Cowan, Claire McKeown, Claire McVeigh, Charlie Maxwell, Zoe McNiece, Luke Mathers, Ellen Mathers, Andrew Cinnamond and Hannah Abraham.

Students in Year 13 were not to be overshadowed, as their AS grades were outstanding. With 84.5% of all grades at A to C and a 99.3% pass rate, Mr Harper said he expected terrific results at A2 level again next year.

The following students recorded exceptional grades at this stage with four or more A grades: Calvin Poon, Daniel Ritchie, Chloe Bell, Gareth Somerville, Ross Calvert, Christine Tate, Rachel Gray, Glen Troughton, Clarissa Hewitt, Thomas Trouton, Jamie Johnston, Yishen Wang, Jana Kordova, Michael McClure and Harry Quinn.

Mr Harper said, “Our leavers will no doubt proceed on to greater things and on behalf of the governors and staff of Portadown College, I wish them every success in the future.”