Pro-Cannabis group meet in Town Hall

Editorial image
Editorial image

A ‘Pro Cannabis’ group is to hold a meeting at the Council-owned Town Hall with the aim of legalising the drug.

The group called CISTA is to meet at the Town Hall at 8pm on November 5.

Organiser Jonjo Mooney said: “We are “Pro Cannabis” group. We believe that the actual plant and its by-products (Hemp) can and are used for medical purposes for people with terminal illnesses.”

He said legalising cannabis would end ‘the decriminalization of millions of people around the UK who use cannabis and are then put through the “Criminal justice system” which has dire consequences for seeking and maintaining employment opportunities’.

“We use fact and scientific evidence to argue our case and we believe that “Hemp” can be used for almost every industry from paper to “bio-fuels” to clothing and food.”

“We are a “Pro-legislation” group. Our aim is to introduce legislation that will see control and regulations of the drugs trade. Everyone welcome.”