Promoters want poster solution

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A GROUP of Lurgan DJs have offered to work with Craigavon Council on a solution to the legislation against flyposting.

The Stereo Nasty project say using posters around the town is a vital way of promoting gigs, but council say anyone doing this will be fined £80 per poster.

Simy McKee, who promotes events with Stereo Nasty monthly in the Premier Bar, spoke of a number of solutions to the impasse including removing posters immediately after events and a designated space for promoting events.

Simy outlined his position: “We are a fledgling project and fully rely on traditional means of promotion. We feel the events that we run are beneficial for the town’s economy. We give people a big-city clubbing experience right on their doorstep. We provide an alternative to costly trips out of town for a night out.”

Simy said the idea of a shared public space for publicising events was one which he had first hand experience. He said: “I know from visiting numerous cities in the UK and Europe that it is an initiative that not only works but is fully respected by those who use it.

“I do believe that as long as people are running events there will always be fly-postering to a certain extent, providing a continuous headache for CBC. The designation of a one stop, ‘information hub’ can go a long way in the solving of such problems.”

Simy said he would like clarification as to whether promoters in Newry and Banbridge were being threatened with similar fines for putting up posters or if it was just local promoters who were being targeted.

A spokesperson for Craigavon Council said: “Council said all promoters who had put up posters in Lurgan has been targeted in a recent blitz and the venues where the events were taking place had been sent letters.

“Council said the majority of those targeted by the blitz were quick to remove their posters and many had been in contact with council about alternative arrangements.

“In accordance with Government legislation, Craigavon Borough Council has an on-going procedure for tackling the problem of fly posting. A number of businesses have already been contacted including the Premier and the council is very encouraged by the co-operation of the promoters in removing the fly posting.

“A few of the promoters have been pro-active in their approach and contacted the council with alternative methods of promoting their premises, which unfortunately, are also contrary to the legislation. The council is happy to provide advice to any promoter on the legislation in relation to their promotional activities.”

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 came into operation on April 1, 2012 and contains new laws which cover many problems such as light pollution, noisy burglar alarms, noise from licensed premises, dog control and dog fouling, littering, graffiti, fly-posting, a wide range of statutory nuisance issues, abandoned shopping trolleys, nuisance vehicles and problem alleyways affected by crime or anti-social behaviour.

Councils can impose fines of £80 for fly posting offences as an alternative to prosecution in the courts. New on-the-spot fines range from £80 to £500 depending on the offence. The offences include certain types of nuisance vehicles, abandoned vehicles, breach of a dog control order, graffiti, fly-posting and noise.