Protect your property

CRAIGAVON Area Commander, Chief Inspector Anthony McNally, is urging householders to protect their property against burglary this summer.

Chief Inspector McNally explained: “We are committed to tackling and reducing burglary and recognise it is an issue that strikes at the very heart of our community. We work to protect the community and keep it safer, but the community also has a role to play in minimising the opportunities for would-be thieves to get into their properties.

“The kind of property the criminals are looking for includes cash, jewellery and electrical goods, however, copper, in the form of cylinders and pipes, is also being targeted often in vacant or ‘for sale’ properties.

“Criminals will scour the streets, housing areas and isolated rural dwellings for easy opportunities to steal valuables, so residents need to stay firmly committed to crime prevention and need to start making life much more difficult for those involved in this type of crime.

“Too many householders unwittingly leave their doors and windows unlocked and criminals will not hesitate to take advantage of those who do. Thieves see an open window as an invitation to gain full access to your home and steal your valuables.

“Keys should not be left hanging in the back of doors, take them out and put them somewhere out of sight. Thieves will check for this and, if your keys are hanging inside the door, they will break the window and lift the keys. There is a good chance your car keys will be on the same key ring making it easy for thieves to make off in your car.

“Keep sheds and garages closed and locked and don’t leave bicycles or other items lying in the garden when not in use - put them away!”