Protest outside court

The protest at Craigavon Courthouse on Tuesday. INLM0212-112gc
The protest at Craigavon Courthouse on Tuesday. INLM0212-112gc

AROUND a dozen people held a picket outside Craigavon Court last week as the trial began of 15 people charged with taking part in an illegal parade.

The parade, which took place on January 23 last year, demanded the release of jailed Lurgan republican Martin Corey.

The organisers did not seek prior permission from the Parades Commission, it has been alleged.

The defendants include Republican Sinn Fein (RSF) President Des Dalton and Vice-President Ferghal Moore.

A spokesperson for RSF said: “In the Middle East people are being applauded for their courage in taking to the streets to seek political change, but in the Occupied Six Counties Irish Republicans are being prosecuted for doing the same thing.

“This represents part of a pattern of repression directed against Republican Sinn Féin and all of those who refuse to accept British occupation and the partition of the historic Irish nation.

“The Craigavon trial is an attempt to force Republicans off the streets.”