Protestors use school as focus for Maze demo

Carrick Primary School was the focus of a loyalist protest last week.

Last Tuesday evening a small number of protesters with Union flags gathered outside the school at Sloan Street to voice their disapproval at plans to turn the Maze prison into a ‘shrine for terrorists’.

It’s understood the protest had been planned for Lurgan town centre but was relocated to Carrick in light of objections by some parents to the introduction of Gaelic football coaching during PE lessons at the mixed primary school.

During the protest outside Carrick Primary School by a group of unionists and loyalists from Lurgan, members of the local PUP branch were on the ground to monitor events.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are pleased to say the protest was carried out in a dignified and peaceful manner and was also done in a law abiding manner.

“The PUP supports the right of loyalists to peacefully protest and are happy to offer any assistance or advice to those who are doing so. We are also here should members of the community want to bring their concerns to us.”

Carrick Primary School made the news after some parents took exception to the school’s introduction of Gaelic football coaching during PE classes.

The Gaelic football sessions have since ended with many people contacting the ‘MAIL’ to commend Carrick on their decision to introduce the Irish sport at the mixed controlled school.

Several protests have taken place across the province in opposition to the Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre at the Maze/Long Kesh site which would see the retention of the ‘H-block’.