PSNI force way into flat after reports man took drugs overdose

Police's  'Big Black Master Key'
Police's 'Big Black Master Key'

Police had to force their way into a flat in Craigavon after receiving reports that a man had overdosed on drugs.

The PSNI broke into the flat after being called by the NI Ambulance Service who couldn’t gain access.

“Thankfully, the male is OK and has been checked over by paramedics, but certainly will be feeling unwell for some time,” said the PSNI.

On their Facebook page they stated: “Me and my big black master key!

“Folks, this handy bit of kit isn’t just for early morning raids, smashing drug dealers doors in or rearranging Dissident Dans hallway...although it is really good for that!

“This morning (Sunday) we got a call from our NIAS colleagues who couldn’t get into a flat after receiving a report of a male who had overdosed on drugs.

“Now, as it happened, my big black master key wasn’t needed this time and stayed outside.

“Turns out that the swift left boot of ingress was all that was needed!

“Drugs ruin lives. Bad batches are everywhere. These are the sorts of calls paramedics are spending their time on every single day.

“To those who saw me walking towards a door this morning with my big black master key and shouted, “Drugs raid, yeooo”, maybe this is food for thought.

“When we don’t get the information to get the drug dealers, we often have to pick up the pieces afterwards, and our Ambulance Service colleagues get that side of it way worse than we do.

“If you know who’s dealing in your area, call 101, or crime stoppers.”