PSNI issue final Op Exposure warning

The incident in Kyles Kebab, Lurgan at the end of December
The incident in Kyles Kebab, Lurgan at the end of December

Police have issued an ultimatum as part of an appeal for information over an incident in a kebab shop - by threatening to post the images of those involved on social media.

They are offering those involved in the incident in December the opportunity to come forward before their identities are on general release to the eagle-eyed members of the public.

The facebook post said: “Remember this picture from the end of December? It shows Kyles Kebab, William Street Lurgan on 27/12/16.

‘A good number of those in this picture, as well as others who appeared after, fall into that mysterious category of ‘We’d like to speak to them to assist us with our enquiries’.

“We warned at the time that if those involved didn’t make themselves known to us, that the blur would be lifted, and some very good CCTV images released via Op Exposure.

“Here’s the final warning: we’ve exhausted our internal identification process, and those images will be ready for release in the next couple of days. Once the current batch of Op Relentless images are done, these will be next.

“If you punched, kicked, headbutted, slapped or in any other way got on like a bit of an idiot that night, call us. 101 is still the number, and the incident reference is 190 of 27/12/17.

“We look forward to hearing from lots of people...or else they’ll be being tagged by their mates in our photos by this time next week!

“If you make yourself known to us before then, your picture doesn’t go up. If you don’t, it does. Simples.”

They also praised the public for their help in solving crimes through the Operation Exposure initiative which sees photographs published on the Craigavon PSNI Facebook page of people they want to speak to in relation to various matters.