PSNI post hilarious Running Man dance video after Garda challenge

PSNI Craigavon have posted an hilarious Running Man dance video after a challenge from An Garda Síochána.

The talented police nailed the tune finally after several false starts to the wrong music including YMCA.

PSNI Craigavon are taking up a Gardai challenge

PSNI Craigavon are taking up a Gardai challenge

And they have challenged all UK police forces who have not yet stepped up and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (The Mounties).

This afternoon they posted on their Facebook site: “Well here it is. Let’s send this global and put our wee country on the map for all the right reasons!

“We’re throwing this out to ALL UK police who haven’t yet stepped up, as well as the RCMP (The Mounties, just because they have funny boots and hats)

“We’d also particularly like to see the Isle of Man do the Isle of Running Man! Whatever you guys do, let’s see your towns, locals and communities.

“Here in Northern Ireland we’re open for business. Are you?”

Most of the video is shot in Lurgan outside the police station in Market Street and in the town centre with lots of children getting in on the act.

Some of the action is shot at Kinnego Marina with a couple of police officers dancing perilously close to the lough. Once false move and they would have been very wet.

Special thanks have been given to the FADD Studios Dance Crew, Glentoran Junior Team, NDSL Junior Team, ‘Our wee town for their support’, ‘all our colleagues for their willingness to volunteer and our bosses for making them’

Earlier there were hints that the PSNI Craigavon had accepted a challenge from An Garda Síochána to a dance off.

The southern police have already become an internet sensation with their version of the ‘running man’ dance.

The dance challenge has become a viral sensation and has been picked up by police forces around the world.

It started when a group of US basketball players filmed a video doing the ‘Running Man’ to a popular song from the 90s.

Police in New Zealand then adopted it as part of a recruitment drive - before challenges forces around the world to do the same.

The most recent to take part was An Garda Siochana who then passed on the challenge to the PSNI asking them to “show us your moves”.

And the PSNI accepted - with Chief Constable George Hamilton even weighing in on the discussion.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said he had “two left feet” but said the Mr Hamilton was “some mover”.

While the Chief Constable then said they would “discuss it on Monday” adding that Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris had “much more rhythm”.

The PSNI Craigavon has been posting updates of their filming.

On Sunday night officers posted: “There’s no rest when it comes to pleasing you lot!

“Early shift complete and we’re still going strong to get some filming done.

“Cracking good night to dance like an eejit infront of a helicopter though.”

Indeed the internet challenge to the PSNI from An Garda Síochána has gone viral also and many locals have been nominating the PSNI Craigavon - one of the more vocal and comedic Facebook pages among the PSNI clan.

They posted on Facebook: “I’m not sure if PSNI Craigavon has ever been tagged as many times in posts as we have in the last 24 hours!

“We are of course well aware of the Garda laying down The Running Man Challenge. Not quite sure though why so many people think that such a straight laced and banter shy station as ourselves would be the ones to do it though?!

“I mean, it’s not like I’ve been thinking about ideas for this for about 2 weeks now... no sir, not me.

“If however, over the next couple of days, you see a few of us out and about dancing like eejits, be sure to come say hi! If, hypothetically, we were to be planning some sort of response, it’d be great to have you guys involved too! ‬

“Similarly, any ideas are welcome! PM us, and you may even get a cameo role in our video.

“It should be funny, but also local and community based. I can assure you that whatever we end up doing, it will not be in the back yard or inside the station!”