PSNI says ‘suspicious object’ declared ‘a hoax’

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A suspicious object, found close to the railway line at Lurgan, has been described as ‘a hoax’ by the PSNI.

Police officers attended at the scene in Lake St on Tuesday morning where the area on either side of the railway crossing was sealed off.

Part of Lurgan sealed off during a security alert

Part of Lurgan sealed off during a security alert

One person, who saw the ‘device’ said it was found on top of the railway crossing box.

It is understood workers, who are currently involved in upgrading the line, were evacuated from the area.

A person who saw the suspicious object described it as a ‘crude pipe bomb which appeared to have been there for years. It was a mess.”

This afternoon a PSNI spokesperson said: “The security alert in the Lake Street area of Lurgan is now over, ATO examined a suspicious object and this has been declared as a hoax.”

DUP MLA Jonny Buckley said: “Sadly the same old ugly faces seem intent on trying to raise the anti in the craigavon vicinity. This follows attempts to lure police officers to their death a number of weeks ago.

“These vile corrupt individuals must learn that their activity only brings disruption and chaos to the community they claim to represent. They have no legitimacy and should consign their wicked ways to the dustbin.

“Terrorism will not win, and must be faced down where ever it exists. I trust police will be able to deal with this in an efficient and safe manner.”