Pub widows turn informers

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PUB widows were turning informers on their husbands in 1978.

It was a dramatic and novel effort to save their marriages from being broken up by alcoholism.

The wives, according to police, were informing on their husbands if they stayed after hours drinking in local pubs.

Police believed that the action was being taken by the women in the hope that the RUC would raid the offending public houses and chase their husbands home.

“It seems that too many husbands are staying out too late at night and this is the wife’s way of dropping a hint,” said a police spokesman.

”We usually get the calls soon after closing time at weekends.

“A night out with the boys seems to take preference over a night in with the wife. It’s a sad situation.

“Not only is this kind of conduct breaking up homes but it is also a breach of the law by drinking on licensed premises after hours and those apprehended will be dealt with in the courts.”

Over the previous few months police in Lurgan had brought successful cases before the courts.

In one instance an offending public house was closed down for a week for permitting after hours drinking.

The proprietors were heavily fined as were the customers.