Public either love or loathe our new statues

The statues as they were at the council's Carn depot. INLM3011-120gc
The statues as they were at the council's Carn depot. INLM3011-120gc

Loved or loathed, Lurgan’s landscape has been transformed with the erection of two large statues in the town centre.

And the people of Lurgan have been very vocal in praising the art which represents the linen industry or lambasting it as a waste of money.

According to the DSD, which substantially funded the project, the total cash package for the art is £177,862 and this element of the project is being funded by DSD. Craigavon Borough Council has contributed £69,150 towards the project, by way of commission phase, fabrication and technical issues. The Arts Council also contributed £75,000 towards the project.

However, hundreds of you commented on the new residents to the town and many were not impressed that such a lot of cash had been spent on art during times of austerity.

Laura McMenamin described them as ‘horrible and a waste of money’

Anthony Cresham agreed adding: “So much more in lurgan that it could of been spent on. About time the people of the area had a say.”

Marion Campbell said: “Disgraceful waste of money. Not what this town needs at the minute. How about more youth leaders and schemes to help our future citizens. Or more drink and drugs awareness schemes.”

Sarah Jane Harper agreed that it was a waste of money and would have preferred that funds were spent on the park for things for the children.

David Doyle said it was ‘very nice art work’ while C-Tina Fugard agreed saying: “They are lovely.”

Gary Girvan said: “Looks well, can’t wait to drive past it on my way to Rushmere.”

Pete White described it as the ‘best thing that’s been in Lurgan since Liam Neeson got off the train in that film’. Can’t wait to climb these bad boys after the bar some night and take a selfie.” Gordon Stewart said: “I like them. They look like Terminators.”