PulseMove your fitness motivator

The PulseMove fitness app
The PulseMove fitness app

Keep your fitness regime on track and remain motivated with the help of a brilliant new app.

PulseMove from Pulse Fitness is the first fitness tracker to seamlessly record your workout in the gym whilst also giving you the option to record your activities outside of the gym through the mobile app and website.

It helps you to remain motivated by tracking all your workouts whether it’s on a treadmill, using freeweights, playing tennis or more! All of your workout information can be accessed through the PulseMove in-gym kiosk, mobile app or website.

Director Of Operations for Pulse Fitness, Robert Buckley from Portadown explained: This App PulseMove is a fitness tracking App which compliments the Pulse Fitness range of equipment which you find in most gyms, however, it can be used by anybody irrespective of whether they have Pulse equipment or not.”

The PulseMove app, which is free to download from iTunes and Google play, is a fantastic way to log all of your activities both inside and outside of the gym.

It is simple and quick to use, you can record your activity and store detail such as distance, time and weight lifted and the app includes real-time GPS tracking and mapping.

In the gym with all of your activity data recorded, you have the information and tools to be fitter and healthier than ever before.

PulseMove comes with a free virtual personal trainer. Upon arrival at the gym, insert your card into the PulseMove kiosk, select your goals and the PulseMove personal trainer will create your personalised workout and store it on your membership card.

Then simply insert the card into each piece of Pulse gym equipment and the level, speed, duration etc. will be set automatically.

PulseMove will also provide you with equipment training guides to ensure you have a safe and effective workout whilst the virtual personal trainer guides you through your training programme, telling you give order to use which equipment for the best results.

As PulseMove tracks all activity, you can gain insight into a vast range of fitness information such as; calories burned, distance and speed, heart-rate, duration and intensity.

Gyms and their members across the UK are benefiting from this innovative software as it offers a total solution to set personal goals, view activity reports and keep you on track to achieve your fitness aims.

To learn more about visit: www.pulsemove.com/