PUP call for action on anti-social behaviour

PUP member Lexi Davidson present a Lime Grove resident with a new letterbox after his was damaged during a night of trouble.
PUP member Lexi Davidson present a Lime Grove resident with a new letterbox after his was damaged during a night of trouble.

Lurgan PUP said there is a breakdown between government agencies and the PSNI when dealing with antisocial behaviour.

The comment came following a street surgery organised by the PSNI in the Russell Drive area of Lurgan. Also attending were the NIHE, Environmental Health and more than 30 residents.

Local PUP spokesperson Lexi Davidson said: “It was the intention that this event would address the on-going problem of Anti Social Behaviour and it soon became apparent that there is a break down in communication between all the agencies when addressing this issue.

“As anticipated this surgery soon turned to the issue of drugs and the dealing of illegal drugs within the area. The feeling was that more needs to be done to eradicate drugs from our community.

“The reality is that unless we have a new approach to removing those who profit from the sale of these drugs, educate those who fuel the demand and help those who are gripped by addiction, Northern Ireland has some very dark days just around the corner.

“Lets say it as it is, drugs kill people, drugs turn families against each other. We have children terrorising their own parents, physically and mentally due to drugs and to fund their addiction. We have children living in poverty, and in some cases care, due to their parents addictions.

“Lurgan PUP recently met with the PSNI on this very subject and we are in agreement that a three pronged approach is needed if we are to win the war against drugs.

“The PSNI enforcing the law and putting these dealers before the courts and in turn the courts sending them to prison is paramount but this alone is not enough. The other agencies and the community have a role to play.

“Making people aware of the issue and the consequences of drug misuse is the only way we will prevent future generations becoming addicted to these substances.

“We must also ensure that a recovery programme is more accessible enabling those with a problem to get help moving towards a drug-free life and, once again, become an active and contributing member of society.

“We understand our communities concerns regarding contacting the PSNI on this and other issues but we would encourage them to do so. If however they would rather speak to one of our members we would be happy to deal with the matter, in confidence, on their behalf.”