Pupils give stark warning

Pupils at St Francis' Primary School took to the street last week in an effort to drive home a vital road safety message.

Monday, 13th March 2017, 5:02 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:07 am

The school has been making repeated efforts to get across an important safety message asking drivers not to park on the pavements nearby.

Community police officers assisted in getting the message across by closing the road as P7 pupils posed for pictures giving a stark warning to drivers.

In their facebook post the school said: “Parking on the pavement could cause this!

“Some of our P7 pupils decided to take matters into their own hands... when they literally took to the road in an effort to spread the message that parking on the pavements is dangerous and could cause accidents.

“Please also observe the zig-zag lines and refrain from parking on them.

“Huge thanks to the PSNI Neighbourhood Team at PSNI Craigavon for helping us with this.”

School principal Mr Anthony McMorrow said: “We decided to do this to make a visual impact about parking on Francis Street.

“We wanted to do something dramatic and the children certainly enjoyed it. They also enjoyed having the police down, they closed the road for the couple of minutes it took to get the pictures and with the sirens and blue lights going it made quite an impact.”

He went on: “It was aimed to give visual impact and it seems to have had some effect.”

Police praised the school for their stand and said: “A brilliant but graphic demonstration from the kids at St Francis’ Primary School of the potential dangers around inconsiderate parking.

“Saving yourself a few seconds could so easily lead to a lifetime of grief for someone’s family. Think before you park!

“Great work St Francis’ PS.”

Local SDLP Councillor Declan McAlinden, was also keen to highlight the issue of parking near the school and has arranged a meeting to discuss the matter.

He said: “I’ve arranged a meeting for Wednesday, 15th March, at 7:30pm in the Clan Na Gael club rooms for parents and local residents and hopefully a further meeting with school Representatives and outside agencies.”