Questions to be answered on gun claims

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In the light of recent revelations about the IRA, Lurgan TUV representative Roy Ferguson has challenged the DUP on its relationship with Sinn Fein:

“I read with interest the article in a recent edition of the Lurgan Mail that referred to revelations from the BBC’s Spotlight programme of IRA gun running post ceasefire and the murder of two policemen on the streets of Lurgan,” he comented.

“Just weeks after the OTR scandal revealed how dozens of wanted republican terrorists had been given immunity from prosecution, we are now learning that information relating to IRA gun running was not acted upon by the authorities.

“What makes this even more shocking is these guns were used in the murder of two policemen on the streets of Lurgan and even though the security services had knowledge of some of the perpetrators they failed to arrest or even question them.

“As a member of FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives), I am unfortunately no longer surprised when justice is quietly brushed under the carpet for fear of upsetting republicans.”

Mr Ferguson went on: “The Lurgan Mail article also referred to comments made by DUP MP David Simpson, who said that the Spotlight programme had raised ‘huge questions’.

“Perhaps Mr Simpson should be answering some questions himself.

“In recent days, we have been informed that OTRs have a ‘get out of jail free card’ – and now we are told that the IRA were gun running even after their ceasefire was announced.

“What next? With the mounting evidence of Sinn Fein deceit how can this party be trusted?

“Yes Mr Simpson, questions should be asked and I’ll start with this – why does your party continue to empower Sinn Fein with authority in our country?”