Quick-thinking actions of passers-by raises store sign fire alert

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A SHOP sign at a Lurgan store complex which caught fire at the weekend was prevented from spreading thanks to the quick-thinking actions of two members of the public.

The sign at the store on the Old Portadown Road is believed to have caught fire due to an electrical fault on Sunday around 8pm.

Two passers-by who were driving in the area witnessed the fire and raised the alarm.

One of the passers-by, which did not wish to be named, told the ‘Mail’: “I saw what was happening and my friend phoned the emergency services.”

The pair waited at the scene until fire crews arrived.

A spokeswoman for the Fire and Rescue Service said: “Fire crews attended a fire involving shop signage on a gable. Scorch damage was caused and the fire is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault. The incident was dealt with at 8.52pm.”