Rally fans speak out on our website

‘MAIL’ readers were busy on our website this week with a number of you commenting on our stories.

Regarding the complaints about damage after the park rally stansireland wrote: “At least the rally scares away the plague of rats, and young thugs, for a day.”

Interogator16 commented: “Who says that visitors don’t go near the town centre? How do you know, did you stand and watch the visitors? And why should that be the only criterion anyway? Doesn’t the club always repair any damage done after the rally? Motor sport is one of the few things that Catholics and Protestants have in common in this divided town. It’s better to have all communities standing together enjoying a common experience. Events like this make urban life much more interesting. If you want the quiet life where nothing ever happens, go and live in the country.”

Mogi81 said: “Year after year the Lurgan park rally creates controversy regarding damage caused in its aftermath. While realising the rally generates large crowds of spectators of rally enthusiasts and much needed income to Lurgan. The Lurgan park is an asset of Craigavon and has received significant funding in the past by the Heritage Society to preserve the park. How can Craigavon Council still allow the destruction to the park to continue. On a side note , if one were to drive a quad into the park they are liable to prosecution. Craigavon Council abide by your own Bye-Laws. Relocate the rally.”

stansireland also commented on our story about statues at Tannaghmore maze. He wrote: “At long last the sculpture brought back to Lurgan , especially Champion Greyhound , so where is it again , oh Tannaghmore, that’s a hidden gem.”

stansireland had this to say on the political row over parking charges: “The Fat Cats like to drive away customers from small businesses , to the Super Shops of Tesco , Asda , Sainburys as they have deeper pockets and specials on “Cream”

On our Facebook page we asked the question “Where would you put the sculpture in Lurgan?”

Joanne Gillespie wrote: “From the consultations I attended I thought the sculpture for Lurgan was supposed to be 3 figures setting a bird free symbolising moving forward. I think the plaza in front of Heatons is a good central position in the town.”

Stephen McGrath said: “Probably in Portadown going by past council decisions.”

Aisling Magee Smyth said: “Sculptures are normally located at the entrance of towns for example - the 1st roundabout ( Portadown Road / somewhere coming off the motorway)?

“But then again as Lurgan is such a divided town you need to be politically careful as to where it is situated, so I would agree with Joanne & place it on the plaza!”

Alistair Cairns commented: “Make sure its put at least 12 ft off the ground so that it won’t be used as a urinal, written on or damaged.

“How about putting it on a set of stilts and taking it out into the middle of the park lake? ............... I’m not joking.”