Ratepayers pay to remove deer parts

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IN the past three years £750 of ratepayers’ money has been spent on the removal of deer parts illegally dumped in the borough.

Last week the ‘MAIL’ reported on deer remains, including severed heads, found at Annaloiste Road in Lurgan and at Bannfoot.

Council paid £250 to have the latest mess cleared up. This included a payment of £160 to specialist removal company Lenergy. The rest of the costs covered the use of a tractor and lifting equipment necessary to get the remains out of a stream at Annaloiste Road.

A council spokesperson confirmed this was the third year in a row they have had to remove illegally dumped deer parts and each year it had cost £250.

It’s thought the illegal dumping is the work of poachers who do not have the proper equipment to render the unused deer parts.