Remove tattered Tricolours say Sinn Fein

Flags on Garvaghy Road. INPT17-218.
Flags on Garvaghy Road. INPT17-218.

Tattered tricolours which have become a weather worn should be removed from parts of Portadown, says Sinn Fein.

Cllr Paul Duffy said the flags had been up up along the Garvaghy Rd at Easter.

“I would urge those responsible for putting up the tricolors along the Garvaghy Rd to take down what is left of them. The flags are in tatters.

“Those who put the flags up, many of whom deem themselves Republican, have a responsibility to show respect to the flag rather than allow them to get into such a poor condition. The flags have been flying on the lamp posts since Easter and are weather worn. I have been contacted on dozens of occasions to see if they can be removed.

“Sinn Féin did not however put these up. We take ours down immediately following the Easter commemorations. That said if they are not removed soon we will remove them ourselves.”