Resident’s disgust at roadside dumping of pads containing urine and faeces

Pads on the side of the road.
Pads on the side of the road.

A resident of the Laurelvale area has described the dumping of used incontinence pads along the Brackagh Road and on Priests Hill as “disgusting”.

The dumping of the pads - which contain urine and faeces - has been going on for the past six years, with the incidences occurring sometimes three or four times a week.

The woman, who claims she reported the incidents to the Southern Health and Social Care Trust when they first began, said, “Each time there are two or three in a plastic bag, but when the cars run over them, the pads are squashed and scattered all over the road.

“I can only imagine it must be the same person but whether it’s a carer or family member I just don’t know. The trust needs to raise awareness.”

A spokesperson for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust said, “All clients who receive continence products from the Trust are advised how to safely dispose of used items. In the interests of everyone’s health and safety, we appeal to all clients and carers to ensure that products are appropriately wrapped and put in their bin.”