Residents are turned off over tap water issue

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Residents in Donaghcloney and Waringstown are crying foul over the sorry state of their tap water in recent weeks.

Householders have complained about the quality of their water, after their taps were producing water which was so cloudy that it was white in appearance. Residents were left unsure as to whether or not the water was safe to drink, or to cook with.

DUP Councillor Mark Baxter was contacted by householders in the area, who appealed for him to contact NI Water.

Councillor Baxter said: “Having been contacted by residents of both Waringstown and Donaghcloney last week, I was shocked to see for myself the extent of the ‘cloudiness’ of what was coming from the householders’ main cold water tap. I contacted NI Water who did tell me the most likely explanation was an issue in which air becomes trapped in the system, and what we are actually witnessing is tiny bubbles giving the cloudy appearance, which is safe to drink.”

Despite the confirmation from NI Water that the water is safe for consumption, Councillor Baxter believes that residents will still have reservations about using the water due to its unnatural colour.

“It’s all about perception and the amount of people who tell me they won’t even use the water for cooking - let alone, drinking - is staggering,” he commented. “It’s simply not good enough in my opinion to say it’s fine and safe to drink. The advice from NI Water is to let your tap run for an hour and the water will clear, but in many cases this hasn’t worked.”

He called for NI Water to fix the issue as soon as possible, so as taxpayers in the area could have access to clear water in their homes: “I don’t believe it’s too much to ask and is only what the public deserves.”

NI Water commented: “NI Water is unaware of any water supply issues affecting our customers in the Donaghcloney area. However, we would encourage anyone with any concerns to contact us by dialling 0845 7440 088.”