Residents’ group report progress

GILFORD Concerned Residents Group (GCRG) are pleased to report continued progress on a number of issues relating to the appearance and safety of Gilford village.

Chairman, Timothy Mayes, has had a number of useful meetings with MLA Jo-Anne Dobson and staff from Banbridge Council all of whom have worked diligently to deal with the issues raised and bring about improvements for Gilford.

He said, “Following representations made by GCRG, Banbridge Council recently served notices concerning the former ‘Lunneys’ premises giving a deadline in respect of the dangerous property.

“It is pleasing to report that diggers were on site last week and the clean up work is well underway. The group will continue to press for ‘clean up’ action to be taken on all derelict property in the district.”

He went on to welcome the appointment of Barry Campbell as town centre warden.

Timothy added, “The closure of the public toilet facilities in Gilford continues to attract complaints from a number of sources.

“It is felt that the alternative, namely use of the new leisure centre toilets, is not adequate on the grounds of the very limited opening hours and the fact that the building is removed from the village centre.”